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Frangi House Executive Apartments are brought to you by a team of dedicated individuals who have years of experience in delivering excellence in service and hospitality. A sister company of the well-known Chez Lando Hotel, you can be assured to receive the same high levels of service which has come to be expected over the years. Our aim is to give you a warm welcome

to Rwanda and provide you with a home away from home while you stay with us.


Frangi House is, above all, a story-and a testimony to the love of Madame Anne Marie Kantengwa, her family and children. It is the result of a long process, demonstrating the determination of its owner, and her belief in the power of healing:


" I have dedicated my life to restoring, step by step, what was left after our many losses. Patiently I wanted to rehabilitate the building that was once the family home, to rekindle the warm memories of life in a loving family."


Frangi House is located in Kigali-Rwanda, Kicukiro District, KK15rd, KK21Ave. A short 10 minute drive from Kigali International Airport or to downtown Kigali City and 5 minutes drive from Chez Lando.


A stay at Frangi House means discovering part of Rwandan culture with a hint of typical decor of a family home; in its ochre and orange brickwork and artisanal roof tiles.


Frangi House offers the ingredients necessary to make your stay unforgettable; Lulled by the unique softness of Africa, a natural harmony between the warm colours and the people of this land, the cradle of humanity.


The comfort of our apartments, the serene setting of our gardens, an on-site team ready to respond to your every query and all in a secure area round the clock. We invite you to come and decide for yourself which formula is the  most appropriate for you.


Whether visiting Kigali in a consultancy capacity, on a mission...or indeed to visit the country to rest or on a sabbatical...Frangi House offers a range of spacious apartments equipped with modern electrical appliances : TV, refrigerators, oven, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer...and with separate areas for working with a 4G Internet Connection or simply sleeping, resting, cooking and dining.


Frangi House is both intimate and open, offering a place where you can discover or rediscover the sublime beauty of the landscape, incredible views from our top floor apartments, and the peaceful tranquility of our extensive gardens. You will be independent and in control of your own water and electricity consumption, and we also provide options such as satellite channels, a concierge service, prepared food, transportation reservations, city and country tours, and any other help needed.


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